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2016 Charolais 'M' names

Males   Females
Mustang Maximum   Macaroon May
Musketeer Magnet   Magnolia Maybelle
Misprint Messenger   Marigold Megan
Maximus Massive   Monique Melanie
Mercury Max   Mercedes Melinda
Magnum Millionaire   Mystique Mrytle
Magic Mokau   Madame Molly
Magnet Mars   Moonlight Miranda
Mainline Malt   Marcia Mona
Marcus Mazda   Mabel Minnie
Magnus Mate   Missy Mindy
Major Mickey   Mavis Mildred
Mystery Miami   Madeline Michelle
Melvin Meridian   Madge Melody
Mervin Marginal   Melva Melissa
Mandella McCoy   Mandy Mayflower
Merchant Metallic   Marcella Maddona
Menthol McKail   Marcelle Matilda
Mammoth Marshall   Mary Minuet
Metro Manuel   Margaret Misty
Montana Maurice   Marge Moonbeam
Matai Mossy   Margo Money
Montego Mascott   Meg Meaningful
Murphy Marquist   Marion Martini
Murdock Mac   Maryann Milady
Munroe Morrie   Marlene  Monica
Moses Maverick   Marjorie Michelle
Morton Malibur   Martha Memory
Monte Milford   Marylou Merrin
Mortimer Mexted   Maude Marina
Morgan Muhammed   Maureen Maria
Mitchell Metric   Mavis Muffin
Marco Muscle   Maxine Maple
Morris Marsden   Meringue  


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